Our services quality is honored with best awards

Global Bilgi

Golden medal in the category "Best contact center"

The leading center for management of relations with clients, Global Bilgi Company is acknowledged as «Best contact center in the world» at the ceremony “2011 Top Ranking Performers” organized by Contact Center, one of the most prestigious organizations of the world in the contact centers sphere. “Top Ranking Performers Awards”
  • 2013 "Best Outsourcing Partnership" in EMEA region
  • 2012 “World's Best Outsourcing Partnership"
  • 2012 “Best Self Service Technology" in EMEA region
  • 2012 “Best Telesales Campaign” third prize in EMEA region
  • 2011 World’s “Best Outsourced Contact Center”
  • 2011 World’s “Best Incentive Scheme”
  • 2010 World’s “Best Outbound Campaign”
  • 2008 World’s “Best Technology Innovation”
European Call Center and Customer Services Awards
  • 2011 Europe’s “High Commended Contact Center”
  • 2008 Europe’s “Best Center for Customer Services”
European Business Awards
  • 2011 “Employer of The Year”
ASTD (American Society for Training and Development)
  • 2010 “ASTD Best Award”