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You are invited to the “Global Bilgi World” tour!

The work in a Contact Center is work in an open space office, which helps to join the team and easily set communication with colleagues :-)

In each our office there are meeting rooms equipped with facilities for audio and video communication, training rooms, individual cells for personal items storage, wardrobes etc.

We organized cafeteria for you because good food is a key to good health!

Your work place is equipped with everything you need for comfortable and effective work, such as: LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, ergonomic chairs and the latest software.

Here you’ll be able to spend the work part of your life feeling great comfort and care.

And here you are with us.

1) First we will teach you everything you need for work (free training)
2) Your manager will introduce you to everyone, help you to adapt to a new team and a new job
3) One of the experienced colleagues will be your mentor during the first month
4) Quarterly you’ll attend meetings with the Heads of all departments of the company. At such meetings you’ll be able to find out more about the company in general, about new projects we work on. This will give you the opportunity to decide in which direction you’d like to develop yourself.
5) Twice a year you’ll be able to take part in the meeting with the General Manager. He will tell you about the Company’s strategy and targets, you’ll be able to put any questions and get the answers, to see our position on the market and plans for future.

By the way, our General Manager has got his personal page on and is inviting you to his friends list, so you could put your questions any time!

6) Once in a few months you’ll meet up with your team outside of the office and have fun active team-day!

7) Each month you will have the possibility to take active part in the Company’s life. We don’t miss anything: master classes, competitions, football and volleyball tournaments, state holidays, birthdays and New Year celebrations :-)

8) You and all your team members will be able to take part in different professional competitions, where the best participants get valuable prizes.

9) You won’t be able to resist joining our social club. We help orphanages, organize parties for kids, cleaning of the city and much more! You will find yourself working in a friendly cheerful team of people, who will definitely become your friends even outside the office. Apart from general principles, we have our own values, which make us stronger than others, such as:

We communicate openly – this is one of the rules, which is known by everyone in Global Bilgi. You may always ask for help your leader or your team members, but also any head of any department. We don’t have closed doors…we don’t have them at all :-) you may use internal web-site to communicate with managers and shortly get the answer to any question.

10) You will always be aware of what goes on in our company and outside of it

* About the all vacant positions
* Announcements about all the new appointments and structure changes in Global Bilgi
* Company and market news
* Monthly work reports of all the projects
* Results of the employees development and motivation programs
* About open days for friends and family
* About strategic sessions held by the company executive
* About the release of the next quarterly corporate magazine
* About the results of the call center work, taken from the General Manager’s letters to employees
* About the regular meetings of the operators with representatives of the other departments
* About the motivation video-portal update
* About the organization of the social activities
* About the organization of corporate events and competitions
* About the different polls on the internal portal

You’ll be met by a young team of talented, interesting and motivated people.
More than 800 people in Ukraine, more than 10 000 people around Europe chose Global Bilgi and you can become a member of our family right now!

See you soon!