Employee Training and Development
Employee Training and Development

We offer a comprehensive approach to training your teams, based on international experience and the latest trends in T&D

Training of hard and soft skills, employee competencies development, quality and customer service, team management and motivational programs according to highest standards from Global Bilgi.

Training and Development from Global Bilgi is:

- More than 1,500 training conducted
- 21,000 participants have successfully passed learning programs and acquired valuable professional skills
- 100+ open training webinars for the contact center market
- 28 training programs
Why Choose Us:

✔ We use a hybrid learning approach, combining online and offline formats
✔ We offer a variety of approaches to employee development: interactive training, wide digital technologies usage, gamification, business simulation cases, coaching, etc.
✔ Our specialization: quality and customer service, conflict management, career building, staff
management, employee motivation, leadership and personal development
✔ 6 years of conducting specialized training programs: Corporate Coach, Team Leader, Project Management

How We Work:

✔ We study your needs
✔ Determine the best result
✔ We assign an experienced account manager
✔ We develop and approve a training program for your employees
✔ We provide training and ensure post-training support
✔ Your employees gain quality skills that they use in their work
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