Robotics Process Automation (RPA)
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Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Global Bilgi RPA is a perfect solution for business automation

Our company has developed an advanced workplace automation product based on Robotics Process Automation (RPA) technology. With Global Bilgi RPA you can create and operate software robots that are capable of saving your time and resources.

RPA Global Bilgi

Global Bilgi RPA Features

Our RPA product has two variants: Digital Assistant and Digital Employee. These are based on Robotic Desktop Automation and Robotic Process Automation technologies. Digital Assistant works on the computer, completes the defined work by the user’s guide, and Digital Employee is capable of doing 100% of the defined work independently of the user through the server.

RPA Automation Cases

With Global Bilgi RPA you can automate routine processes and eliminate the possibility of an error by up to 75%. With Digital Assistant you can take advantage of web scraping and get valuable data on the market and competitors. The RPA service from the cloud can saves time and resources by automating repetitive and routine tasks.

The main industries that can benefit from using Robotic Process Automation applications are Banking, E-commerce, Insurance, Manufacturing, Retail, Tourism, and Logistics. RPA Chat Bosts can find useful in almost any type of business that has an online presence. Contact center RPA automation stands among our strategic priorities and tens of thousands of operations are made by robots at Turkcell Global Bilgi every year.

Robotic Procecces Automation Call Center
Global Bilgi RPA

Robotic Process Automation for Different Departnments

In your company's Human Resources you can use RPA for CV automation job starting and leaving process, evaluation of employees' performance, and performance calculation. For the Finance Department, RPA can prepare monthly & daily closing reports, transfer the rental invoices to ERP Solutions, extract taxes information to the declaration program, and calculate taxes.

Sales and Marketing can benefit from the lead-generation process automation and automatically scheduled email send-outs. Global Bilgi RPA can track competitors by a number of different parameters, including product and service lines, content and social media activities, tender participants, and winners. We can find the application for RPA in your company at the free consultation session.

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