IT Services Outsourcing
IT Services Outsourcing

IT Services Outsourcing Services

IT Services outsourcing services from the BPO industry experts at Global Bilgi include software development, testing, analytics, management, and more. We have an experienced in-house digital team, that has already created several enterprise digital products, including the Sirius contact center platform, ShiftSwapper WFM, and AQoS contact center quality assurance software. Our team has two main expertise technology stacks: Java and .NET, but we are ready to take on challenges with new technologies!

Digital Customer Experience Solutions and Contact Center Outsourcing Services

Global Bilgi is a part of the Turkcell Group and offers high-quality Contact Center services for leading international companies. We ensure the best Digital Customer Experience and Outsourcing Services according to the highest global standards. Doesn't matter what size your business and industry - we will find Outsourced Customer Care solutions for you!

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