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Global Bilgi is focused on People because it is impossible to be the best in Customer Service without empathy. By no means, a person could be the best Contact Center Sales expert without proper training and best practices, and there is no way to stay on top of Outsourcing and Product Tech expertise without non-stop learning and mentorship. Start your career at Global Bilgi to reach the stars!

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Global Bilgi corporate values

Global Bilgi has our own corporate values, that make a foundation for all decisions, processes, and actions in our company. We adopted them alongside our parent company – Turkcell Global Bilgi, and they are a core part of our internal and external communication policy.

Global Bilgi corporate values are:

Global Bilgi corporate values
Comfotable work at Global Bilgi

Comfortable work at Global Bilgi

We know, how it is important to feel comfortable while completing working tasks. At outsourcing contact center Global Bilgi we invest in our customer support representatives and call center agents, by opening modern office spaces, offering a hybrid work model, and creating the most reliable digital contact center infrastructure.

Working with us ensures compliance with all legal standards and best practices to have a perfect work-life balance. Global Bilgi offers a flexible schedule for most contact center agent positions, so you can combine work with studying and personal life. While preparing schedules and making plans we always account for our employees’ wishes.

We listen to feedback

Our company constantly participates in international employee satisfaction evaluations like Great Place To Work and has received awards many times. We constantly gather feedback from all our colleagues and make changes to be the best employer. All company`s top management is open to any type of request and regularly provides updates on the company`s course.

Our cloud contact center infrastructure and in-house developed software solutions allow any colleague to leave feedback about his or her working issues, wishes, or recommendations. Our IT department conducts annual satisfaction subways on the in-house helpdesk specialists’ work. The in-house internal communication team ensures that everyone can submit feedback.

Global Bilgi Great Place to Work Certified

Learning and innovating every day!

At Global Bilgi we have established our training and development activities to raise and develop the best Customer Experience Management and Call Center Sales Professionals in our industry. We have an in-house Training Center with skilled professionals and developed hard- and soft-skills training for Contact Center professionals.

Many of our top managers started their careers at the company as call center agents and more than 80% of all senior positions are closed in-house. There are regular internship programs in different departments: PRM (Planning, Reporting & Monitoring), IT, Operations, Finance, and Team Leading training programs for the agents` career development.

We Are Good Together!

Having fun is an important part of our corporate culture! In our contact center, regularly conduct corporate events, both online and offline. These are gift draws, live streamings, awards, and so on. You could never forget our corporate parties and team building, as we care about how good they are!

Also, we participate in charity and volunteering initiatives, live helping orphanages, animal shelters, and people in need. Join Global Bilgi and find many friends and like-minded colleagues, that will help you and supply support for you at any time!