We offer various opportunities for development and career growth and always adding bright colors to every day through interesting programs, corporate events, and social responsibility projects.

Training and development

At Global Bilgi, we conduct training and development activities to grow the best professionals in the industry. Training and continuous learning of employees are the utmost priorities for us.

Career development

We measure the performance and efforts of our colleagues through transparent talent management processes and unleash their true potential by offering personalized career opportunities. We support our talent management process by enhancing their important processes such as training, salary and reward management.

Fun at Work

Every year we hold many different events for the Company’s employees, which create a unique corporate culture and unite the team. Follow our instagram page to get even closer to the vibrant life of Global Bilgi

Educational programs

At Global Bilgi, we focus on training and development to attract talented employees and build a strong team. We use flexible modern approaches to create the best educational programs. The Inspirational Leadership program and specialized courses support our leaders in continuous professional and personal development. We create specialized courses for young talents for the effective development of their career path


One of the goals of Global Bilgi is the implementation of social responsibility projects that contribute to the development of society with the participation of our colleagues. Our colleagues make financial contributions or participate as volunteers in projects implemented throughout the year, paying special attention to children, animals and caring for the environment.