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Help Desk Outsourcing

Enterprise-level Help Desk Outsourcing from Global Bilgi

Global Bilgi provides help desk outsourcing services for international companies according to the highest international standards. Outsourcing the help desk can be a smart move for any business, especially for those that need to save money while providing exceptional customer service and employee satisfaction level.

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Why choose help desk outsourcing for your business?

Businesses are realizing the importance of having a comprehensive IT service desk department that can provide reliable and cost-efficient operation of the entire organization. However, many companies may not have the luxury of keeping full-time employees on staff just for the sake of handling routine tasks such as tech support and software patching. In order to save money while maintaining a high level of service, it is a smart move to use high-quality help desk outsourcing services.

What types of services can you outsource to a help desk?

Being a professional service provider, Global Bilgi offers the full spectrum of outsourcing IT help desk services to businesses These are the services, you can rely on our outsourced service desk: installation, configuration, maintenance, training, upgrade, and support.

Each category has its own set of benefits that make them suitable for outsourcing to a help desk, but we make sure that your business will get the enterprise-level quality of service. Outsource the help desk to a reliable international partner, that offers round-the-clock customer support and will allow you to manage and adapt your tech support from anywhere at any time.

Help Desk Global Bilgi
Global Bilgi Help Desk

How Much Does IT Outsourcing Cost at Global Bilgi?

We use a personal approach to each Client, so to find out outsource help desk pricing for your business, we will need to make a personal price proposal. The costs associated with outsourcing the help desk depend on a number of factors, the most important of which are the following: scope of the work, location of the infrastructure complexity, the number of employees and working stations, and the experience level of the technicians you choose. We can provide multilingual support and the chosen language which might affect the price.

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