MailQueue Ticketing Software
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MailQueue Ticketing Software

Customer service email management software from Global Bilgi

Handling and tracking customers' emails in an omnichannel contact center might be a tricky task. With email MailQueue automation software from Global Bilgi, you won`t have problems with this email management and reach the best contact center operational KPIs! MailQueue ticketing software is a part of our in-house developed cloud-based contact center platform Sirius and is used by leading international companies.

Contact Center Email Software Global Bilgi

Ticketing software for your contact center

The core principle of a contact center is to unite all communication channels and deliver exceptional customer service. As many customers use prefer written communication, customer-focussed businesses require email management tools to handle inbound communication and monitor all customer support actions with advanced contact center analytics capabilities. Our ticketing software MailQueue is created for this exact purpose and has already proved great results!

Email and ticket management software opportunities

MailQueue ticket system software is a part of our cloud contact center solution Sirius and used for workflow management of the agents and supervisors, that have to work with written communication (except live chats and messages - for them we have a dedicated solution - GBWebChat). Our email software is created for group email processing with full control of this important business activity.

Contact center agents or a customer support representative can pick up the email of a ticket from the general inbound queue, and assign a task for him/her self and get full control of the conversation. At this time, your contact center supervisors will have the opportunity to monitor each step and contact not to miss any aspect of the center operations activities. You can combine the support tickets by thematic and result codes, to get the most out of our service software solution!

Contact Center Email Software
Global Bilgi MailQueue Ticketing Software

Advanced contact center analytics for email handling

All software products of Global Bilgi have easily accessible and comprehensive analytics of all customers and contact center agents` actions and the MailQueue ticketing system is not an exception. For many contact center companies and customer service departments, email management is still a black hole, when it comes to analytics and reporting. With our software tools, it won`t be a problem anymore - MailQueue can provide advanced analytics on each agent`s actions and performance when it comes to email processing. Your contact center supervisors and managers will be able to evaluate the quality of service and ensure the best Customer Experience (CX) for each case with email management software from us!

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