Experience Management
Experience Management

Experience Management Solutions for Contact Centers

Customer experience management from Global Bilgi includes services for contact center performance evaluation with the purpose to improve operational and financial efficiency. Having extensive experience in the global outsourcing contact center industry, we provide CX solutions for businesses from all industries.

Customers want to get the best quality of service from your contact center and expect flawless client service on every occasion. Modern CX technology and strategies can make a great customer experience only in combination with proper agents` performance. Successful call center strategies from the outsourcing customer service experts Global Bilgi provide complex CX Audit solutions with practical tips for cost saving, KPIs and metrics improvement, and revenue growth.

We help our Clients to understand all processes in their contact center, a fresh sight from another perspective on service and QA in a call center. The customer experience audit includes both contact center operational efficiency and technology evaluation. Practical services and product recommendations from our experts have already proven their positive impact on the Client`s operational and financial results.

Call Center KPI Review
Contact Center Technical Audit
Customer Experience Audit

Digital Customer Experience Solutions and Contact Center Outsourcing Services

Global Bilgi is a part of the Turkcell Group and offers high-quality Contact Center services for leading international companies. We ensure the best Digital Customer Experience and Outsourcing Services according to the highest global standards. Doesn't matter what size your business and industry - we will find Outsourced Customer Care solutions for you!

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