Interactive Voice Voice Response (IVR)
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Interactive Voice Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for Contact Centers

Global Bilgi developed an advanced IVR system for call centers, that is a part of our Sirius Cloud Contact Center platform. The automated IVR system can be used for inbound call routing, self-service, and outgoing calls (telesales, customer іnforming, data verification, etc.). Outbound IVR provides great options for call center automation.

Call center IVR

Advantages of the Interactive Voice Response system

Automated IVR aimed to save your contact center resources while providing high-quality customer service. With well-developed IVR, a business can handle the vast majority of inbound calls 24/7 without agents` involvement at a low cost. IVR provides professional call routing and collects valuable customer data right in your database. Outbound IVR is one of the key elements in high-volume telesales campaigns.

IVR menu from Global Bilgi

Our contact center system allows users with administrator rights to create custom IVR applications of any complexity. For IVR automation of the inbound line, you can create an IVR phone tree with many levels, add Voice Bot, and IVR Payment option (for that you will need a PCI-DSS Certificate).

Contact Center Outbound IVR is the simplest way to service the contacts when the customer who answered the call is transferred to the IVR for further service. In this case, the used IVR is in no way different from the usual incoming IVR on functionality and organization and can contain calls to Web services and access the call center agent, if necessary.

Contact Center IVR Benefits
Global Bilgi Cloud Contact Center IVR

Advanced automated voice response features

Technologies are constantly evolving and IVR telephony is not stepping back. IVR with automatic speech recognition is the foundation for the successful Voice Bot strategy for a call center. AI Voice Bot has a lot of applications in the contact center and solves many routine tasks. With the proper IVR system customers would never get a poor experience interacting with your company and our expertise combined with the latest technologies is a guarantee of your contact center's success.

Contact center software solutions aimed to make the customer experience more personal, while remaining the unbreakable trends of automation and cost-saving, will be definitely successful in the future. IVE system from Global Bilgi has successfully proved its Voice Bot`s capabilities and data-driven approach, as we can measure and analyze each and every action of the customer in IVR.

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