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Visual IVR

Visual IVR from Global Bilgi is an advanced self-service application

Visual IVR makes IVR self-service easier than ever, by bringing conventional IVR features to customers' PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Our Visual IVR interface received the «Best use of Self-service Technology» in ContactCenterWorld - Top Ranking Performers Awards EMEA 2017 competition as proof of its reliability and agility.

visual ivr technology

Visual IVR benefits

Visual IVR doesn't require a user to install any app to his/her smartphone, as it is a 100% web application, accessed via any Internet browser. With Visual IVR a user can easily transfer between channels, call customer service from a web page or make self-service operations independently. To reach the Visual IVR, a user can follow an SMS link sent by a customer representative from the Sirius Cloud Contact Center Platform.

Visual IVR functionality

With Visual IVR you can deliver any kind of information to the user`s interface, with no need to involve a customer service representative or a contact center agent. Up to 70% of the Visual IVR can solve their problem and find a solution without the need to call or text a contact center.

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Usef friendly interface

An administrator can create a Visual IVR app in a drag-and-drop web interface on a PC or mobile phone. Our Visual IVR uses a single designer for all communication channels, which simplifies the app`s operations. Visual IVR systems are created to make the contact centers more efficient and convenient for the customer to reach out.

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