Smart Selection Recruitment Software
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Smart Selection Recruitment Software

SmartSelection Recruitment Software

Global Bilgi has in-house built software solutions, that include SmartSelection Recruitment Management System. This system is designed to automate the company's recruitment process and by storing and processing information about all candidates at each recruitment stage.

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SmartSelection System Functional

Smart Selection functionality enables you to keep track of the recruitment funnel, evaluate the productivity of recruitment specialists, and the effectiveness of candidates' search sources.
This is the opportunity to optimize resources and increase the productivity of your business!

Global Bilgi HR Experise

Only in Ukraine, more than 10,000 candidates pass through the Global Bilgi recruitment department each year.
To automate recruitment processes, we have created a powerful system that allows storing and processing data of the entire candidates' interaction history: from a phone interview to employment.

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SmartSelection Benefits

The system automates sending notifications about the time and place of the interview, training, or additional employment activities. Smart Selection can scan the information from job sites and automatically add it to candidates' cards.

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