Compensation & Benefits Outsourcing
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Compensation & Benefits Outsourcing

Compensation & Benefits Outsourcing Services from Global Bilgi

Global Bilgi offers comprehensive BPO services and HR outsourcing solutions. We can develop or improve your company`s compensations and benefits system. Create the best motivation program to reach the most ambitious business targets!

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What is Compensation & Benefits Outsourcing?

If a business wants to reach its targets, it is important to have a KPI system, that is leveraged by the compensation & benefits process. For cost-saving and optimization purposes, many companies choose to outsource compensation and benefits system development and maintenance to a reliable BPO partner, that is a wise choice for many reasons.

Compensation & Benefits System and KPIs

If you want to meet any particular target or a business goal, it is important to have KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). They will be the defining points on whether an employee or a team is reaching the targets. For example, in the BPO industry we have lots of performance indicators, for example, contact center KPIs, that evaluate the quality of service or sales rate.

But how to make the KPIs feasible for the team? How to motivate your colleagues to deliver the required performance level in order to meet the business goals? Here the compensation and benefits system comes into play. This system works as a comprehensive motivation tool that creates the foundation for the personal success of each employee and the team's performance.

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Award-Winning BPO Partner for Your Bussines

Our BPO expertise is confirmed by a number of international awards: European Contact Centre & Customer Service Awards, Contact Center World - Top Ranking Performers, Interactive Media Awards, ICMI «Global Contact Center Awards», «DZWINNER» and others. We have a well-established BPO Outsourcing system that has a strong and optimized HR system to create the best team ever and reach the most ambitious targets with the maximum cost-efficiency.

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