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CRM Outsourcing Services

CRM Outsourcing Services with BPO Market Experts Global Bilgi

Are you looking for ways to enhance the customer service experience for your business? If so, then you may want to consider utilizing customer relations management (CRM) outsourcing services. With a reliable BPO partner providing such services, businesses can benefit from streamlined customer service processes that make it easier to build relationships and trust with their customers.

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Multifunctional Customer Relationship Management and Digital Expertise

CRM outsourcing can help streamline the entire customer service process, from scheduling appointments to maintaining records, and provide reliable customer service while saving money and resources. Companies can benefit from the latest CRM software and outsource call center services that provide inbound, outbound and web-based support. We have expertise working with the best customer experience management software, like Shopify, AWS Managed Services (AMS), SalesForce, HubSpot and can utilize any customer support platform provided by a Client of use in-house developed Contact Center CRM.

Order Taking Answering Service and Customer Support

We provide a comprehensive order taking answering service and customer support to help make managing your business easier. Our experienced and dedicated team is ready to take calls and chats from your customers, take orders, and provide information about your products or services. We also offer BPO services for customer service and customer support outsourcing. Our order taking contact center is reliable and efficient, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your customers are being taken care of. With Global Bilgi, you can trust that your customers will receive the highest quality customer service.

Our order tracking contact center provides the perfect customer service solution for businesses of all sizes. Our team of customer service agents will take orders from your customers and provide them with updates on their orders in real time. With our order tracking contact center, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty and reduce customer wait time. The biggest European companies and successful startup already trusted us for their customer support!

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Global Bilgi CRM Outsourcing

Outsourced Customer Service for eCommerce companies

Customer service is a key factor in eCommerce success. The ability to quickly and efficiently handle orders and inquiries is paramount to the success of any eCommerce business. Offering eCommerce customer service outsourcing solution that includes trained customer service representatives can help you increase sales and customer satisfaction. When it comes to providing exceptional customer service for your eCommerce business, outsourcing your customer service can be the best option.

Outsourcing your customer service will not only increase customer satisfaction but also reduce costs associated with hiring and managing an in-house customer service team. With an outsourced back office, you'll have access to cutting-edge customer service technology. An experienced customer service back office in combination with the data-driven approach in contact center outsourcing can provide around-the-clock customer service with a team of dedicated customer service agents that are properly trained and equipped to handle every customer request.

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