AQoS Contact Center Quality Assurance Software
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AQoS Contact Center Quality Assurance Software

AQoS quality assurance software for contact center from Global Bilgi

Assurance Quality of Service (AQoS) is the application for aggregating contact center channel recordings (audio recordings of calls, video screen recordings and chat transcriptions) and for evaluating customer service quality. It is a part of our Sirius Cloud Contact Center Platform, built by the Customer Service experts from Global Bilgi.

Contact center QA software

Evaluate and improve your contact center performance with AQoS

Customer Service and Sales departments in contact centers produce a lot of valuable data, that must be used in the quality assurance process. To connect all communication channels in one place and provide an in-depth overview of each agent`s performance, we created an AQoS quality assurance system for contact centers and BPO companies.

User-friendly interface and software agility

AQoS quality assurance software can be easily accessed from the single-page web interface of the Sirius Cloud Contact Center Platform. For authorization in AQoS, access parameters (login, password) are inherited from the Sirius application, which is the same for all Global Bilgi products. You can use Single Sign On to log into the application, which is available in all Global Bilgi Contact Center applications. This will allow you to avoid having to re-enter your credentials every time you log into system components.

You can assign the roles for each user in the system, and Supervisors, Contact Center QA Specialists, and Managers will have the opportunity to evaluate agents. You can create and automated scorecards with all required parameters, combine call recordings, web chat, or messenger transcripts with the agent`s desktop recordings in the system to get a 360 overview of the performance. Agents will receive their scores automatically.

Contact Center QA
Global Bilgi QA Software

Benefits of quality management software in contact center

Data and performance evaluation in the contact center with proper training management is absolutely beneficial both for the business and your customers. With QA software for the call center, you can track your operational performance (Average Handling Time (AHT) management, Answer Rate (AR) and Service Level (SL) improvement, First Call Resolution (FCR), and others). Also, you will be able to see, how your agents communicate with customers, their empathy and emotional intelligence, improve CSI and NPS.

With quality assurance automation in the contact center, your team can create the and streamline contact center bonus system to drive motivation and increase performance. The score of each agent will be automatically added to the report, then calculated according to the performance quota for each specific project. With contact center quality assurance software from Global Bilgi, this process is much easier and transparent.

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