Call Center Power Dialer
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Call Center Power Dialer

Automated dialer software for contact centers from Global Bilgi

Multy-mode GB PowerDialer is a part of our Sirius Cloud Contact Center Platform. This robust solution is built to handle outbound telesales campaigns, blend inbound and outbound load and reach the most ambitious contact center sales targets.

GB Power Dialer

Cloud based Power Dialer with advanced capabilities

Power Dialer is an application that allows you to make outgoing calls from the database of contact numbers according to the desired scenario. This application is part of the Sirius Contact Center product line and provides settings for outbound campaigns, collecting data on the status of system members (channels, calls, agents, groups, etc.) and implementing predefined dialing rules.

Auto Dialer to maximize your contact center productivuty

Contact centers of different sizes and specific frequently use outbound calling for different purposes: telesales campaigns, informing customers, data verification and validation, etc. These activities may be with or without agents` involvement (for example by calling customers with outbound IVR). As customer lists may count tens of thousands of contacts, auto dialer software for call centers is very common nowadays.

By using an auto dialer, you will dramatically increase your contact center operational efficiency and will be able to connect your call center agents with the right people at the right time or make completely automated phone calls. In both cases, our system will provide advanced contact center analytics for customer journey measurement. With Global Bilgi`s automated dialer system any type of outbound calling won`t be a problem for your team!

Power Dialer Service
Global Bilgi Power Dialer

Combine business needs and customer happiness with an advanced auto dialer system

What may be good for your contact center business plan and operational performance, might not be well-received by the clients. Many people dislike robocalls, and many more prefer when a call center agent is well-informed about the issue he or she calling about. So you need to choose the right type of dialer campaign before starting an outbound session.

By choosing Global Bilgi Power Dialer, you will be able to select the right type of campaign for each goal: Outbound IVR, Progressive Reserved, Progressive Released, Preview Free, and Preview Straight. For the most accurate work with big contact bases, we created the Last Second Check service for our Power Dialer. It is designed to determine if dialing the exact phone number is still actual after checking the database.

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