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Contact Center WFM ShiftSwapper

Workforce management software for contact centers from Global Bilgi

Our company has developed contact center scheduling process automation software to optimize the workflow for agents, supervisors, and managers. With Shift Swapper workforce scheduling software, you can be sure that agents with the proper skill will be scheduled for the right time to deliver the best customer service!

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Workforce scheduling software built for contact centers

Our digital solution ShiftSwapper is used to automate the contact center`s scheduling process. With hundreds of agents, that have multiple customer service and sales skills, different working preferences, and circumstances, it is hard to ensure a flexible schedule without workflow automation. ShiftSwapper is created to empower agents to exchange their shifts and remove the monitoring function over this process from supervisors and managers. In addition, this contact center software provides full-digital schedule management and control on each step of this process.

Workforce management solution that makes data-driven decisions

ShiftSwapper workforce management system software allows agents with the same or similar skills to exchange their working shifts without the involvement of a supervisor or a manager. Your contact center will be able to save resources and provide flexible working opportunities for the best customer service delivery.

With cloud contact center software from Global Bilgi, your agents can exchange shifts in just two clicks, without any influence on the KPI and performance. The simple multilingual user-friendly interface will make this process easy and convenient for different projects.

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Global Bilgi ShiftSwapper

The advantage of the workforce management tools

Many contact centers from all around the work are still using Excell documents for scheduling and shift management. This process usually requires dedicated Team Leaders or Supervisors, who prepare the schedule and make updates if needed. With ShiftSwapper digital solution, this process can be 100% automated and streamlined. Your business will save the money paid to Team Leaders or Supervisors and free them from routine tasks. In addition, the agents will get digital flexibility and full control of their schedule.

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