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Outstaffing Services

Outstaffing Services from Global Bilgi

Global Bilgi belongs to the largest BPO companies in the EMEA region. We provide cost-efficient BPO services including outstaffing solutions. We have the biggest international Clients in our portfolio and want your business to benefit from effective outstaffing services!

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Outstaffing Services Benefits

Outstaffing services is a popular business tool, that is aimed at cost-saving and operational optimization. It is very common among companies of different sizes and spheres to hire outstaffing personnel instead of opening in-house positions. Outstaffing is not solely connected to cost-saving, as in many cases operational or legal aspects become decisive factors for the business to order outstaffing services.

Types of Services Solutions

When it comes to outstaffing services, there is a big variety of positions and specialists that can be outstaffed for your business. For example, you can outstaff IT, specialists, such as Software Developers, Testers, Business Analysts, and so on. At the same time, outstaffing services for operational personnel is quite popular as well: outstaffed HR specialists, accountants, lawyers, and office service personnel are popular in many companies.

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What Will You Get from Outstaffing Services?

When you order professional outstaffing services, you get an all-in-one business solution, that enables your business to benefit extensively. For example, the outstaffing company is solely responsible for providing the work equipment, training, HR operations and legal aspects of the employment. You determine the involvement in this process and can leverage how much of operational involvement would you like to have. Each Client gets a personal approach to all BPO services, including outstaffing solutions, from our company.

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